Sometimes the great british weather isn’t always on our side! Therefore it’s important to take some steps to ensure you get the most out of your summer wedding. Here’s some pointers from Somerset Wedding photographer Mark Taylor, to make the most of your big day come rain or shine!

Choose an indoor / outdoor Wedding Venue

There are plenty of gorgeous outdoor wedding venues around the Somerset area, I can think of a handful near Weston-super-Mare alone. However, you have to be realistic in the fact that you are planning everything around a special day in which the weather might be a strong factor. Therefore considering a venue with a gorgeous outdoor venue as well as an equally beautiful indoor venue will increase your chances of making the most of your Summer wedding.

Choosing a ceremony time

A early afternoon wedding sets you off for some lovely wedding photos, making the most of the natural sun-light.


Don’t burn your guests rears! Metal Chairs warm quickly in the sun. If you are provided with metal chairs, invest in some cushions or covers for the occasions.


Consider (especially if you have young members of your wedding party) packing sunscreen! You could be lucky enough to experience a stunning crisp, but very hot day. We’ve experienced wedding in which brides have put a basket within the ladies room at the venue, full of handy items to refresh yourself.

Switch to silk

Thinking of having flowers in your hair? Without any water source flowers will quickly wilt, instead switch to silk.

Prepare for Summer Hair

Down hair styles don’t fare well in humid weather, explain to your hairdresser and experiment with sleeker styles.

Don’t skimp out on a waistcoat

If you end up marrying on a humid day, take into consideration that your groomsmen will remove their jackets, ensure you are happy with what’s hiding under them.